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Beauty Beyond the box

Natural Products for the Body, Spirit & Mind

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Our soaps are made in small batches with all natural ingredients that are healthy for your skin.  Our signature bars are infused clays, salts, fruits, Aloe Vera juice, Goat Milk, and more; depending on what the bar is designed to do.  Each bar is designed to moisturize, nourish, and heal the skin.  

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Specialty and Spiritual Candles

Tap into your spiritual side with our mystical, fragrant candles!  Use them to spread uplifting energy or more personally for spiritual practices. Experience the infusion of fragrance, herbs and crystals to elevate the GLAM surrounding you.

Also be sure to check out our massage candles to nourish and recharge your skin or the one you love.  

The Delores collection

The Delores Collection began to take form two years ago as a tribute to our founder's then living mother, Delores M. Alford.  "I wanted to use my passion and love of high end crystals and beads to create a jewelry collection honoring all of the beauty our mom embodied," says Nakida McDaniel, founder of GLAM Beauty and Beyond. 

After collecting beads and stones for two years, Nakida finally made her first bracelets to put on her mother's arms to bury her after she transitioned on 1/8/2020.


Our bracelets are created using free-form art including high quality crystals, glass beads, and beads sourced from individual's in Ghana.  

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Teas & Tonics

A huge part of being GLAM-OUROUS is feeling well.  For centuries, we have been using herbs for healing and prevention.  Our teas are blended specifically to aid in various ailments to assist with healing generational illnesses.  As with any healing practices, folks have to be intentional about their health and create a plan for a healthier Y-O-U.  Exercising, eating properly, and maintaining a relationship with a physician to communicate about your health and all practices that you are adding to your health routine.  Check out our teas.  

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