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GLAM Beauty & Beyond- The Name & The Brand

In 2010, when I decided to share the gift of soap-making with participants of The Women's & Girls' Project of Winston-Salem, I initially dreamed of forming a worker's cooperative where we could share our gifts beyond personal care products to include the gifts of all worker owners. Clearly our gifts went far BEYOND soap-making. Hence, we have the Beauty & Beyond in our name. That was it! I had it! "We'll be GLAM (stands for Girls Lead and Motivate) Beauty & Beyond. Our products will be glamorous and go BEYOND just skincare! We'll cater to the true experience of catering to the whole person-body, spirit, and mind," I told myself.

Although the vision has evolved over the years, and the worker's cooperative never came to fruition, I decided to continue to share my gifts to encourage, promote, and advocate small business ownership amongst Black women and girls. After all, we contribute a ton of money to the Global $532 billion beauty industry and many times products don't meet our skincare needs. I figure, those of us who have the passion can cultivate the gift of nourishing, healing, and protecting the body, spirit, and mind- all while creating generational wealth for our families.

As a result, I teach soap making classes and am looking forward to launching more programming through the Women's & Girls' Project that will promote GIRL POWER- Spiritual, Social, and Economic POWER. The kind of POWER that it takes to change our communities.

Over the years, our product lines have grown to include the interests and talents I've cultivated. It's important that our spirit shines through everything we create. Our teas, tonics and tinctures were developed out of my love and respect of herbs and their healing power. The Delores Collection was birthed from my desire to show appreciation and honor for our mother-Delores McDaniel Alford. Our incense, and spiritual products came to life as an extension of my spiritual journey and connection to God and my Ancestors.

I take pride in the evolution of GLAM Beauty & Beyond and the POWER it represents. It is an honor to create natural products that cleanse and nourish the body, spirit, and mind and to share these talents to elevate others.

Continued Love & Blessings,

Nakida Renee'

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